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The propertyCEO Planning Secrets Workshop is an intensive one-day workshop for those looking to discover the very BEST ways of unlocking profit from property.

You'll be learning the latest cutting edge techniques and strategies taught to you by one of the very best planning consultants in the business.

Attendance is essential for anyone looking to make profits from property, and in particular those who are...

  • Property Developers operating at any scale, whether you're already established or just starting out
  • People doing house Refurbs or Flips, from simple doer-uppers to complete renovations
  • Those taking on a Commercial Conversion of any type, particularly those who are planning to use Permitted Development Rights to convert without requiring full planning permission
  • People looking to undertake Land Assembly projects by piecing together neighbouring plots to gain a planning uplift
  • Anyone wanting to Package Deals that they can then sell on at a substantial profit to developers, without having to take on the development work themselves
  • Those wishing to make property investments for Long Term Planning Gain
  • Anyone looking to find a property Strategy or Niche where there is less competition and more profits
  • People who detest the current planning system and who want to know how to use the rules to their advantage and make profits the SMART way


We'll be covering a wide range of planning topics and strategies at the workshop, including:

  • Learn The Cutting Edge Tips and Tricks that will give you a massive advantage when unlocking the profits from property; this is the secret sauce that most other developers literally HAVE NO IDEA about
  • Understand How To Maximise The Value Of Any Development Site - whatever your project, learn how you can squeeze the maximum profit from it - learn a previously unheard of method for getting extra residential development from almost any commercial property conversion - now you can make your offers stack! 
  • How To Save Yourself £1,000s In Planning Fees - this tip alone can pay for the cost of the workshop!
  • How To Convert Shops With Uppers The RIGHT Way - this is ESSENTIAL knowledge if you're looking to take advantage of this simple but highly profitable development strategy - why most property educators are giving you incorrect and potentially costly advice
  • Learn How Boring Bungalows Can Become A GOLDMINE for you when you know the secret to developing them WITHOUT planning permission - you can force the council to give you permission for new housing!
  • Discover The Magic Of Corner Plots and learn why most developers overlook the incredible opportunity that these sites represent
  • Understand How To Develop Agricultural Sites using permitted development rights - you'll be amazed by what you can do with these buildings
  • The Alternative Way To Cut and Carve Office Buildings - most developers only know one way of converting an office building, but by the end of the workshop we guarantee you'll look at these buildings in a COMPLETELY different way
  • How To Exploit The Hidden Loopholes That Allow You To Extend HMOs - a must for anyone with multi-lets or people who are considering an HMO strategy
  • Learn The Scary Truth About Planning Pre-applications and discover what you CAN do to get as much planning certainty as possible BEFORE you commit to a project
  • Understand The Fall Back Principle and see how it can be used to force planners to grant you planning permission even when you have no direct planning rights
  • How To Deal With Properties In Conservation Areas And Listed Buildings - how you can minimise planning risk on these often challenging projects
  • What You Can Do About Flood Plains, Bats, Owls, Tree Preservation Orders and other potential barriers to developing a site
  • How To Unlock The Secrets Of The Planning Portals - discover the information goldmine at your fingertips and how you can profit from it
  • Discover The Infamous 'Porch Loophole' and learn how it can help make refurbs and development projects much more profitable
  • Learn The Sneaky 'Change Of Use' Strategy that can massively increase the value of a project
  • How To Maximise Your Chances Of Getting Full Planning Permission Granted if you need to apply
  • Understand Part 7 - the little-known Permitted Development strategy with BIG benefits
  • Learn How To Play The Planning Long Game - securing properties and land that have significant potential for future planning gain
  • Learn The Secrets To Maximising Class G Permitted Development Rights - one of the simplest types of project is suddenly made a whole lot easier and more profitable when you know this amazing tip
  • Get Your Very Own Planning Checklist - exclusively created by Colin to help you recognise the biggest and best planning opportunity for EVERY property you look at
  • Get All The Latest Planning News And Updates - what's happening in the world of development right NOW that will affect YOU
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Not sure whether this training is for you? Or perhaps you want to make sure that this workshop is as good as we say it is? Well, let US take the risk - if you find that the workshop isn't for you, just let us know at any time before the afternoon session begins, and we'll give you ALL your money back, IN FULL

There is only ONE WORKSHOP DATE available, and places are strictly limited with tickets allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

To secure your place, click the button below:

The Planning Secrets Workshop is being held on Monday 29th April 2024 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Birmingham NEC

IMPORTANT: Please note that we limit the number of places at each workshop, so we can guarantee a highly interactive event. Tickets are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so please book early to avoid disappointment. If no places are available, please contact our Helpdesk at to be placed on our waiting list.

Meet Your Planning Expert

The workshop will be delivered by Colin Smith, one of the most talented and experienced planning consultants in the industry.

Colin's expertise is in constant demand by property owners and developers across the UK looking to maximise the value of their sites, allowing them to generate substantial profits using his highly effective and innovative planning strategies and techniques.

In this powerful full-day workshop, Colin lifts the veil on the eye-opening concepts and strategies that have allowed both him and his clients to gain a highly profitable edge in what is a very competitive sector, teaching you the skills that planning authorities around the country would rather you didn't know.

WARNING: You will be seriously AMAZED by what is possible!

Highly Exclusive Content

On this full day workshop you will be getting access to highly exclusive content that would normally only be available to Colin's private clients.

As one of propertyCEO's Senior Technical Coaches, Colin teaches cutting edge planning strategies to students on our flagship 12-month mentorship programme. However, we've persuaded him to host this brand new EXCLUSIVE workshop where he will reveal EVEN MORE of the planning secrets that have made him the go-to planning consultant for savvy developers across the UK.

With over 30 years' experience in the planning sector, Colin knows a thing or two about making profits from planning. From exploiting loopholes to understanding how to work the system, he's been able to both make and save his clients a fortune.

So whether you're looking to do a small flip or refurb, or you've set your sights on a much larger project, Colin will be sharing a broad range of strategies and secrets that you simply WILL NOT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE!

In short, you will be getting unique access to the planning playbook of one of the most experienced and innovative planning consultants in the country.

Colin will also be providing an update on the very latest changes in the world of planning, as well as discussing how he sees the future panning out.


About propertyCEO

propertyCEO is the UK's leading premium property development training company.

Founded in 2018 by Ian Child and Ritchie Clapson CEng MIStructE, propertyCEO has grown to become the go-to destination for savvy investors, professionals, entrepreneurs and developers looking to make serious profits from small-scale development projects.

Put simply, we provide the highest quality mentorship programmes for people who are SERIOUS about getting results from property development.

In 2022, propertyCEO became part of the pin Partnership, a group of like-minded businesses committed to delivering the highest quality training levels across the industry.

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Why NOW Is The Time To Develop...

We’ve recently experienced a series of events that have dramatically changed the world of property development, as well as dramatically increasing the appeal of development as a wealth-creation tool:

A Global Recession

Tough economic times ALWAYS create opportunities for developers. However, opportunity only comes to developers that take action at the time – the rest get to look back in years to come and say ‘if only I got into development back then…’. Further, the world of buy-to-let investment has been usurped by small-scale development as the new go-to strategy for creating property profits.

Commercial Property Prices Will Fall

With more and more cash-strapped businesses looking to sell their properties as we enter an economic downturn, other owners who were holding out for a bigger payday are seeing more competition forcing down values, yet their finance, energy, and maintenance costs are going up. In other words, it's time to sell and do it QUICKLY

More Permitted Development Rights

Permitted Development Rights are on the increase, allowing properties to be converted more quickly and with less risk. The government are desperate for brownfield sites to be converted, as they could unlock around 4 years' worth of homes - but the large house builders aren't interested, so it will be down to small developers to take advantage

There's A Massive Housing Shortage

There is a national housing crisis and new homes are desperately needed. The government has already flagged that it is small-scale developers that hold the key, particularly when it comes to converting brown-field sites . It wants to build 300,000 new homes every year, which is more than the number of homes in Oxfordshire. And the problem gets worse every year - which means there's huge demand for new housing

House Prices Will Rise In 2025

Most commentators predict that house prices will rise in 2024 and 2025 - allowing new developers who start their projects in 2024/25 to sell their completed units in a rising market

The High Street Is Evolving

The UK’s high streets are dying, and there is a need to create residential and co-living spaces in and around our towns, in order to rejuvenate them. There are a huge number of empty shops and commercial properties crying out to be developed - and that number looks set to increase

The Power Of Knowledge

"You don't know what you don't know" is one of the truest statements we know. And it lies at the heart of what can turn a loss-making development opportunity into a profitable one. Or make a great developer out of a good one.

Many people try to tackle refurbs or development projects armed with their own nous and the expertise of a few jobbing professionals. And while such a team can be capable of delivering a project, it almost certainly won't maximise its profit.

Planning is one area where the impact on profits can be highly significant. If you know how to make more profit from a site than the people you're competing against, not only can you pay more to acquire it, you'll likely make more overall profit too.

And the differences can be huge. Being able to save money by getting cheaper labour or materials, or through better design, is all well and good. But it rarely becomes a game-changer. Planning, on the other hand, can make a substantial difference to your bottom line.

Better still, planning gain doesn't have to involve physically carrying out the development work yourself. You could simply gain the planning uplift and sell the project on to a developer for a substantial profit. You effectively become a development deal sourcer, using your newly gained planning knowledge to find opportunities that other can't see and then sell them on.

Whichever route you go down, whether as a sourcer or a developer, having a better understanding of how to maximise planning opportunities and navigate the system will create less risk, and more profit.


Where is the event being held?

We're hosting the workshop at the 4-star Crowne Plaza Hotel at the Birmingham NEC. It's just a few minutes from the M42 and M6 by car or just a short hop from the airport and rail links.

How many people will be attending?

We restrict the numbers attending so we can have a direct relationship with each student and can do our best to make enough time to answer everyone's questions. But there will certainly be enough people present at the workshop to make it an excellent networking opportunity!

Will food and refreshments be provided on the day?

Yes, we'll have coffee and pastries available throughout the day plus we'll be laying on a sit-down networking lunch for all attendees, all included within the price. We're also able to cater for any specific dietary requirements you may have, if we receive sufficient notice.

Is parking and accommodation available?

We have negotiated free parking at the hotel for our workshop delegates. For those looking to book an overnight stay, preferential rates are also available. Simply contact the Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC hotel directly and inform them you are attending this event when booking.

Does the Planning Secrets Workshop integrate with your 4-day Masterclass Workshop?

We are hosting the Planning Secrets Workshop on Monday 29th April 2024. Our Masterclass Workshop, in which we follow a real-life development project from start to finish over an extended 4-day period, runs from Tuesday 30th April to Friday 3rd May. While there is no direct connection between the workshops, many students see the advantage of spending the entire week with us by attending both events. If you're interested in attending the 4-day Masterclass, please contact to check the latest availability.

I'm interested in your Fast Track and Mentorship programmes; what exactly do they cover?

"Comprehensive" barely does them justice. You can access full details HERE.

I'm already a propertyCEO mentorship student - do I need to attend this workshop?

You certainly don't NEED to attend however many mentees see the benefit of learning additional planning-related strategies that they can apply to different types of projects, or use to source deals for other developers. It's also a perfect way to start the week for those attending the Masterclass Workshop which begins the following day. We think you'll get a lot of benefit from attending, however all mentees are eligible for a significant discount on the full ticket price - please contact the propertyCEO Helpdesk for further information.

What if I find the workshop isn't for me, or I don't like the way you teach?

We want you to attend this event with ZERO risk. So, if you get to the half-way point of the workshop and feel that it's not for you, then simply let our event staff know and we will give you a full refund. All we ask is that you return to us any course materials that we've given you.

Want to get to know us better?

Our Open Door show is a great way to combine property development education with a lot of fun. Inspiring and informative guests give the audience an inside track, all enriched by Ritchie and Ian's inimitable banter to create a highly entertaining show. If you're new to propertyCEO, why not check out our YouTube channel where you can not only catch the latest Open Door show when it is released every other Thursday at 7.00pm, but also watch any of the previous shows.

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Secure Your Place On The PLANNING SECRETS Workshop

  • When is the date? Monday 29th April 2024
  • Where is it? It's taking place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Birmingham's NEC
  • Who will be training me? The workshop will be delivered by leading strategic planning consultant, Colin Smith
  • Is there a money-back guarantee? Yes, you'll get a FULL REFUND if you cancel at any time up to lunchtime on the day of the workshop
  • Make things happen - be ready to take advantage of an unprecedented era of development opportunities - and get a serious edge on the competition who don't know these strategies
  • Act quickly - logistically we have to limit the number of places: please don't be left behind or miss out


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